Tässä on erilaisia misc funktiota/ komentoja!

Nimi Selite Oletus Muokattava Esimerkki
ignore_user_abort FALSE indicates that scripts will be terminated as soon as they try to output something after a client has aborted their connection "0" PHP_INI_ALL Esim
highlight.string Color for highlighting a string in PHP syntax "#DD0000" PHP_INI_ALL Esim
highlight.comment Color for highlighting PHP comments "#FF8000" PHP_INI_ALL Esim
highlight.keyword Color for syntax highlighting PHP keywords (e.g. parenthesis and semicolon) "#007700" PHP_INI_ALL Esim
highlight.bg Removed in PHP 5.4.0. Color for background "#FFFFFF" PHP_INI_ALL Esim
highlight.default Default color for PHP syntax "#0000BB" PHP_INI_ALL Esim
highlight.html Color for HTML code "#000000" PHP_INI_ALL Esim
browscap Name and location of browser-capabilities file (e.g. browscap.ini) NULL PHP_INI_SYSTEM Esim

Funktio Selite Esimerkki
connection_aborted() Checks whether the client has disconnected Esim
connection_status() Returns the current connection status Esim
connection_timeout() Deprecated in PHP 4.0.5. Checks whether the script has timed out Esim
constant() Returns the value of a constant Esim
define() Defines a constant Esim
defined() Checks whether a constant exists Esim
die() Prints a message and exits the current script Esim
eval() Evaluates a string as PHP code Esim
exit() Prints a message and exits the current script Esim
get_browser() Returns the capabilities of the user's browser Esim
__halt_compiler() Halts the compiler execution Esim
highlight_file() Outputs a file with the PHP syntax highlighted Esim
highlight_string() Outputs a string with the PHP syntax highlighted Esim
ignore_user_abort() Sets whether a remote client can abort the running of a script Esim
pack() Packs data into a binary string Esim
php_check_syntax() Deprecated in PHP 5.0.5 Esim
php_strip_whitespace() Returns the source code of a file with PHP comments and whitespace removed Esim
show_source() Alias of highlight_file() Esim
sleep() Delays code execution for a number of seconds Esim
sys_getloadavg() Gets system load average Esim
time_nanosleep() Delays code execution for a number of seconds and nanoseconds Esim
time_sleep_until() Delays code execution until a specified time Esim
uniqid() Generates a unique ID Esim
unpack() Unpacks data from a binary string Esim
usleep() Delays code execution for a number of microseconds Esim

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